renovation service

We offer our customers all over the world our service for the renovation of their worn-out capstans.
This service consists in recovering the geometry of those parts that are worn-out because of the contact with wire and treating the surface with either KERBLACK ® WOLSIDE ® or COLDSIDE ® coatings.

We apply our KERBLACK ® coating - a ceramic coating based on chrome oxide - on the climb-up zone. This area, in fact, is the most subject to strain and wearing because of the skidding. This coating is particularly suitable for dry wire-drawing processes aimed at the production of high, medium and low carbon steel, stainless steel, copper and generally all types of ferrous and non-ferrous wires.
Generally, during this service, we also clean the capstan internally with the purpose of removing any limestone deposit, which can prevent the correct cooling of the part. The service in this case is completed by the application of a product that slows down the re-building of limestone deposits. We can also work on other areas of the capstans that may need reparation.
Our technical staff can support you to get better results from your products and help you to be a step ahead as for the quality.
Once the renovation is completed, the capstan is as functional as a new one and gives the user excellent results in terms of wire quality. The refurbishment of capstans is always economically efficient.

We also obtain very good results with our COLDSIDE ® coating, based on tungsten carbide.
A lot of customers all over the world regularly use this renovation service.


SNUB Pulleys renovated with WOLSIDE ®

In addition to pulleys, we can successfully renovate with WOLSIDE ® also other parts for wire-drawing machines, such as wire guides, cones, dancer pulleys, etc.



Capstan renovated with KERBLACK ®